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Dark Cryptonite has created a concept for a network where security is critical, creating a barrier around your data and communications.

Yellow Roller Coaster

We have created an alternate internet. Your data and all company communications and interactions are flowing through a secret channel that is virtually invisible to the rest of the world. Your phone calls, emails, files, and collaborations are all running through our patented closed-loop network. Threat actors can’t access your data because they can’t find it. 

Surreal World

Another benefit of our alternate internet is compliance. Many organizations have legacy equipment that they can’t just get rid of. They might be mission-critical servers, IoT devices serving critical infrastructure, or other legacy devices that can’t be easily upgraded. These devices are not compliant by today’s standards and are potential liabilities in the event of a security breach.


Our proprietary containerized approach enables you to wrap your legacy non-compliant mission-critical infrastructure into our environment, which creates a protective layer around them and brings them up to industry standard compliance.

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