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Closed Loop Network for a Safer World

Private Anonymized Secure

Innovate Logo Pegasus Wing - Gray

Dark Cryptonite Unveils Alternate Internet: An AI-Powered Cybersecurity Revolution

Dark Cryptonite is an innovative cybersecurity solution. It leverages our patent-pending technology to create a Closed Loop Network, providing an environment for private anonymized and secure communications. Dark Cryptonite enables compliance with security and privacy standards. ​Similar to the NASCAR experience where cars run in a closed-loop and are not accessible from the outside world, a closed-loop alternate Internet environment controls access, significantly reducing an organization's risk exposure. By comparison, the public Internet is like the freeway and streets where everyone has access to get to any location, enabling threat actors to target any organization they wish.



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Average cost of  data breach in the United States 
Source: IBM
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Predicted cybercrime growth by 2027
Source: Statista
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Companies expecting multiple data breaches
Source: Statista
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Estimated annual loss for cybercrime victims
Source: Comparitech

Contact Us

Dark Cryptonite has offices in New York City, Washington DC, and Toronto.


For more info, please contact: Tyler Cohen Wood at 



"The integrity and impenetrability of our client’s data are critical to our business of driving value and savings. We chose Dark Cryptonite for our needs because there isn’t another product on the market that accomplishes the task even remotely."
-Mark Milen-
Founder & CEO, Innovate Holdings, LLC


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