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Cyber Industry Innovator DARK CRYPTONITE Launches Game-Changing Technology That Virtually Eliminates Ransomware, Malware and Phishing.

​New York City: Dark Cryptonite has launched a patent-pending comprehensive suite of cyber products and services to combat cyber-warfare, ones which doesn't just react to threats, but virtually eliminate them altogether. 

Dark Cryptonite’s U.S. patent-pending technology heavily leverages encrypted data chunking algorithms and a secure browser that utilizes zero trust models for ultimate protection.  When utilized with Dark Cryptonite’s proprietary private network (not accessible via the internet) all data traversing or stored within its environment becomes virtually impenetrable to threat actors. In addition, Dark Cryptonite runs seamlessly-- without the need for internal infrastructure or software setup and maintenance.

Dark Cryptonite’s video conferencing tool, ensures security of an entity’s most confidential communications, without fear of external, uninvited intrusion. Other products include an Iron-Clad Digital Bunker Backup and Storage application, along with a Secure eMail System that will keep an entity’s data hidden in the noise where it remains undetectable.

“The integrity and impenetrability of our clients’ data are critical to our business of driving value and savings. We chose Dark Cryptonite for our needs because there isn’t another product on the market that accomplishes the task even remotely," said-Mark Milen-Founder & CEO, Innovate Holdings, LLC


Dark Cryptonite is GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, ISO270X, DFS, and CMMC Compliant.


About Dark Cryptonite:

​Dark Cryptonite is on a mission, transforming the way governments and businesses operate—and rendering cyber-terrorism and information warfare obsolete.


Developed by a team of the world's top cybersecurity thought-leaders (formerly of the U.S. Department of Defense Cybercrime Center and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, and blockchain experts, Dark Cryptonite's leading-edge U.S. patent-pending technology is revolutionizing the way governments and businesses operate, making data virtually 100% safe from cyber terrorism and information warfare.


Dark Cryptonite has offices in New York City, Washington DC, and Toronto.


For more info, please contact: Tyler Cohen Wood at or

Bob Schiff at or call: 917-216-9444



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