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Secure Video and Chat Platform – Features


All the features you need to keep your conversations and video secured


  • Full HD video capability to support 1080p

  • Group chat and secure private chat to easily send data and chat messages between all participants in a video session

  • Desktop screen sharing–share your computer screen and choose which applications or monitors to display

  • Mobile screen sharing–share your mobile screen directly from your smartphone

  • Maximum participants–currently we support up to 500 participants in the same meeting

  • Maximum concurrent meetings are unlimited

  • Bandwidth controls–users can monitor connectivity quality and adjust video bandwidth

  • Raise your hand–participants can discreetly indicate they have something to say without interrupting the speaker

  • Cross-platform and easy device integration for web, Mac, and Windows, as well as mobile SDKs for iOS and Android device integration

  • Configure, enable and disable features to build the end-user experience you want

  • Invite link, dial-in numbers link (80+ dial-in number options for 58 countries, 11 toll-free)

  • Ability to record meeting audio, video, and screen share

  • Remote desktop–control the mouse and keyboard movements of another user remotely through electron integrations


High Security, Reliability, and Compliance-Friendly

  • Application hosted on the secure hidden Dark Cryptonite network

  • Authorized, secure access to your meetings

  • Secure passcodes–the ability to set a passcode to provide an additional layer of security

  • Industry-leading 99.99% platform uptime

  • GDPR compliant for data processors

  • HIPAA compatible and can provide a Business Associates Agreement (users must operate the technology in a HIPAA compliant manner)

  • Uses Global Low Latency to automatically optimize the best connection between participants

  • True end-to-end encryption including a video bridge for desktop video meetings

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