Welcome to Dark Cryptonite. 

We’re on a mission, transforming the way governments and businesses operate—

and rendering cyber-terrorism and information warfare obsolete.




The number of cyberattacks worldwide is increasing exponentially each year and the proliferation of remote work has only exacerbated matters.  With each solution developed to combat ransomware, malware, phishing and other cyber warfare, more sophisticated attacks emerge—threatening companies’ profits and reputations.



Enter Dark Cryptonite, the world’s first and only cybersecurity solution that doesn’t just react to threats, it virtually eliminates them at inception.  Dark Cryptonite’s patent-pending technology leverages, our powerful encrypted data chucking algorithm technology, along with our Private Blockchain that is not accessible and not connected to anything else as well as our encrypted browser all while utilizing zero trust models; when run on a private network (either yours or ours), Dark Cryptonite’s Cyber Armor renders any data run or stored within its environment virtually impenetrable.

Our technology is superior to even that which major government intelligence agencies utilize.  How do we know?  Because our founders are former technology experts with experience working with multiple US intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and The Department of Defense as well as blockchain and cybersecurity experts.

Best of all, Dark Cryptonite runs seamlessly; it does not require any internal infrastructure or software to set up or maintain.

Dark Cryptonite’s initial launch includes a video conferencing & secure chat platform, securing a company’s most critical conversations—ex: intellectual property information and discussions, new product rollouts, board of directors’ meetings, and strategic planning information – can all be discussed without fear of external, uninvited intrusion.

We are certain that you’ll be so satisfied with our technology that you’ll want to avail of our document storage and our advanced private intranet, data backup, and our optional Private Blockchain features as well.  Finally, our technology can be customized and applied to a multitude of other internal applications upon request.